Dear Barack -

Regarding the Repuglican objections to everything (mostly without offering ANY credible alternative) --

We need the public option for health care

We need to let AG Holder investigate the war crimes committed by the previous administration

We need to overturn "Don't ask, don't smell"

We need to overturn the "Defense of Miscarriage Act."

You have the votes.

You really do NOT need to play the "Rather have 85% of what we want with 100% of the votes than 100% of what we want with 60% of the votes ---

Isn't it now unmistakably clear by now that the Republican agenda is what was always called SEDITION, i.e., continually undercut and chip away at the legal authority of the government...

AND GODDAMN IT -- THE VICIOUS PAID-OFF MOTHERFUCKERS ARE SUCCEEDING IN CREATING DOUBT WITHOUT CREATING ANY ALTERNATIVES. THEIR METHOD IS TO DESTABILIZE THE SOCIETY FOR THEIR OWN PERSONAL GAINS... just look at Cheney -- is there anyone who DOESN'T know Leon Panetta was right? -- that hapfen-mensch (and his cronies) have NO loyalty to anything but their confirmed belief that THEY have a right to OWN America and that anyone who believes the function of the state is the well-being of the public is a traitor.

The answer -- ram the bills through and let the Repubs scream their stingy asses off.

In other words: "Fuck 'em."


Let them go on working out their mommy nightmares on Nancy Pelosi and wanking their tired willies on Sarah Palin...

FUCK 'EM -- Smile at them, ignore them, roll over them -- whatever

BUT PLEASE -- don't punk out on us now.


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