Oh one more thing (see below) about who pays for advertising

We do -- every goddamn cent that is spent to tell us to eat more pork and drink more beer and watch more froth-at-the-mouth sociopaths whether Glenn Beck or a character as portrayed by Dylan McDermott ---


Tax deductible -- meaning WE pay to make up the difference.

Just the same way that the anti-choice Christers get tax deductions because -- even though they exhort to violence while terrorizing teenage girls -- they're every bit as tax deductible as REAL Christians or Buddhists -- meaning WE PAY for their sermons, cuz SOMEONE has to make up the difference.

--- You ever get the feeling that if you held up a cross to people like Tony Perkins or Irreverent Wildmon (he who shouts venom at mourners who are burying their dead family members, screaming "God hates fags! Your son will burn in Hell forever!) That if you held up a cross or sprayed one of them with Holy Water, they'd burst into flames, revealed as unwholesome creatures of mold and slime? I do.

But WE'RE paying for them to do that -- think about that when they scream how they don't want THEIR taxes going to abortions because it's against their beliefs -- I can tell you this (although I'm sure you already know) I Goddamn well do NOT want my tax money to go to raving hatemongers -- it's against MY beliefs.

It's time to do some serious mocking of these people.


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