WTF? That magic land called Michigan?

In the running for the worst, most annoying TV commercials ever

--- right up there with "They say when a Red Hawk flies up your nose, a new opening is beginning ..." Red Nose Casino

--- or that annoying asshole who says "I never thought it could happen to me -- a heart attack at age 53 ..." for some sort of anti-cholesterol drug that, if you survive its side effects, might lower your risk of heart attack ... so smarmy you almost wish his imaginary heart attack was fatal, so WE could be spared the pain of it...

And even more stupid than:

" If your legs feel tired then you MIGHT have Peripheral Artery disease and IF you have PAD, then you MIGHT have an increased risk for blood clots and then YOU MIGHT have a stroke or heart attack... (or maybe you just can run as afar as you could 30 years ago) .. so take this vile expensive medication we're flogging because , even though socially responsible Euro countries have outlawed advertising prescription drugs on TV, we haven't...


Sure, you can buy a house in Detroit for Eleven dollars may be the most wonderful beautiful state in America ... in the world! But all we know is that the state of Michigan has hired an ad agency run by people so unbelievably in love with themselves all they can do is metaphorically roll on the floor and pee all over themselves in ecstacy...

"For some reason when we're somewhere no one knows us we're free to be ourselves..."

Take that Las Vegas?

Welcome to Michigan, Serial rapists and killers?

A wonderful place for witness protection people?

Stupid, self-absorbed horse-exhaust...



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