It's not that I want the Repugnants to be destroyed as a political party...

I'm just delighted that the fanatical crowd of assholes who have hijacked the party ever since Nixon started throwing crap at everyone is finally being recognized as such ---

An old friend (who I haven't seen in a while) used to say "they never learn" -- he was referring to the entire US government, and while he was right, it comes and goes in waves of who in particular has his or her head farther up his or her own asshole....

but in this case it's the white-boys-only club of the Republican party sniffing their own colons --

They're still putting out their code -- the one they seem to think no one can crack -- for "crazy angry spic bitch"*

--- it's still all about how "she might use emotion or racial bias" to make decisions ...

the hardest thing for some people to ever learn, I recall, seeing it all through the civil rights era, is that "WHITE CHRISTIANS" are ALSO A RACIAL GROUP and endowed with both benefits and biases inherent in that... that only people of different color or religion or national derivation have a race while the White Boys are the Aristotelian Ideal of humans

I do not believe that ANY legal body that REFUSED TO STAY AN EXECUTION merely because THE PERSON WAS PROVEN INNOCENT has ANYTHING to say about the criteria anyone else uses to make decisions.

So while Grassley and the rest prance and posture and pretend that their own adulterous members are men of high moral character while the fact of being a woman of Latina extraction is enough to disqualify an experienced judge, I can only shake my head and defend -- against my better judgment -- their right to continue their lives in terms of social, legal, and economic freedom, even if I will NOT defend their right to spew filth throughout the media and pretend they're scattering rosebuds...

What a bunch of total obnoxious, repugnant, vicious, petty, small-minded, assholes...


* Oh I don't think they really have much of a problem about her Latina descent** -- just adding that in there to emphasize the pettiness of their bias -- what TERRIFIES them is the idea of "AN ANGRY WOMAN" -- they threw it at Michelle Obama, at Nancy Pelosi, and others --- and they may well have good reason to BE terrified by the idea of THE ANGRY WOMAN, given the way they behave...

all I can say is whenever one of those "I fucked some other woman and betrayed my wife and family and religious vows, but it's ok because it was just a mistake" is around, we have sound trucks circling their homes and offices playing Alanis Morrisette' You Oughta Know or Marianne Faithfull singing Why D'ya Do it? (Might even throw in Broken English while you're at it -- a little perspective on their fears and terrors -- Patty Griffin singing Cold As It Gets

I look at those poseurs and hypocrites and I see them, when they look at her, seeing an Avenging Angel come to make them answer for what they, in their own minds, know they've done, while all she's doing is waiting for an actual question to answer instead of listening to endlessly self-serving diatribe.


** Oh of course they do -- have an immense problem with the fact that she's not white, but of Latin American heritage -- the only person of color currently on the Supreme is an African-American man who rose up the hard way -- overcoming poverty with focus, hard work, determination ... and, oh yeah -- kissing the ass of the White Guys in the Reagan administration to gain appointments -- to become the first Supreme Court justice as a man who seems to exercise less intellectual independence than most janitorial staff workers, just having the big boys tell him what needs cleaning and how to vote and when to speak... a total disgrace given that he was a viciously cynical replacement for Thurgood Marshall, the only other African-American justice, a man with one of the most brilliant original minds to ever hold that position -- but in Thomas' case, it was the Bush cynicism that said "Well what's your problem -- he's one of THEM, isn't he?"


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