So I stayed up late last night and re-watched Animal House on cable...

Always liked the very funny post-movie labels of who did what later (something none of the imitation movies ever did nearly as well) and the lovely tag of John Belushi's non-verbal thug Bluto driving off in a stolen convertible with the hot sorority girl as becoming a US Senator... indicating that a complete idiot could become a US Senator ... but Bluto, despite being a thug and an idiot, was a sweetie-pie

Not so the equally stupid Repugnican senators I was watching in the Sotomayor hearings --

MOST of them were doing truly great mean-spirited, petty, ignorant impressions of asshole Theta frat boys like ROTC fanatic Neidermeyer or the chicken-shit nasty Dean Wormer.

But above them all was the incredible Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn who -- either intentionally or not -- decided to drive the final nail in the coffin of the GOP (Get Out of Town Party) by doing a Ricky Ricardo impression at the Puerto Rican candidate, when they were talking about under what conditions the legality of shooting someone would be acceptable, for example, if she went out during the break and came back with a gun and shot Senator Coburn, that would be illegal...

and Coburn -- who immediately blew away the entire competition for biggest political asshole of the 21st century by saying the old Ricky line:

"You'd have a lot of 'splainin to do..."

Perhaps they are really that stupid, drilling over and over into out of context quotes she'd answered 10 ways already...?

But Tom Coburn?



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