Regarding the extended coverage of some recent news events

Regarding the press' obsession with The Cambridge Clash, the drug O.D. of pathetically abused child grown into freak self-mutilating singer/dancer Michael Jackson, whither goest the dog torturer Michael Vick, the whiney complaining inanities of Sarah Palin, and the various toxic insanities of such craven racist assassins as Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh (at least Beck doesn't whine endlessly abouthow he has to bend over and grab his ankles for black men)

Back in the days before the press started taking itself waay too seriously, this is what used to be called "The Silly Season."

Then the press seemed to decide this sort of horse-shit was actually news.

No, it wasn't.


The closest they've come to actual news in recent years -- the word news meaning objective factual reporting -- is eulogizing the death of an actual reporter at age 92.

And they debate why such shit stories carry such continuing presence -- BECAUSE YOU ASSHOLES KEEP TALKING AND TALKING AND TALKING ABOUT THEM.

It has become apparent that most of you have no concept of any difference between shit and Shinola.

Here's a tip from the grave of the late philosopher Leonard Alfred Schneider on the difference:

"There's a big difference between

a big piece of art with a little shit in the middle,

and a big piece of shit with a little art in the middle.

One's a piece of art and the other's a piece of shit."


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