It's bad enough that Huckabee is a sleazy smiling huckster..

but like most demagogues (anti-choice or otherwise), he completely misses the point.

Yammering about how "If the government can decide who can be born, then they also can decide who dies..."

First of all, that's pure bullshit -- the government allows a woman to decide if SHE is willing to give birth...


the real issue is this:

The federal government does not have a legitimate interest in whether a woman chooses abortion or birth -- the Supremes did NOT decide to legalize abortion or mandate the government to decide... they just decided that the feds don't have a constitutionally legitimate interest in the subject....
not "Go ahead and have an abortion,"
but "Not our right to decide."

Here's the rub, and the anti-choice people just can't seem to understand:

IF the government decides it DOES have a legitimate interest in a woman's reproductive rights and decides it CAN make abortion illegal, then, by that standard, it can apply the same decision to making abortion MANDATORY under whichever circumstances that band of paid-off hypocrites in fed and/or state legislatures decides gets them the most votes and/or money.

Today it's "You can't -- you can't"
Tomorrow it's "You must -- you must."

Remember --if we GIVE THEM THE POWER to say "NO!"we also give them the power to say anything else that's convenient.

Oh -- one other thing -- he doesn't seem to realize that having gained back most of that weight loss that was his platform ("Vote for me -- I went on a diet.") pretty much eliminates his dream of candidacy. 


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