The right is delighted

They scared Nancy Pelosi.

Boehner is Delighted.

Grassley is Delighted.

Cantor is delighted.

Limbaugh is pissing his pants with delight.

Glenn Beck is crapping in his pants with glee.

I have long held doubts that these people are actually human.
They must be -- no one would build such a substandard animatronic pseudo-human.

But human or not, they're obviously not even civilized enough to pull a long face.

("Well, hell, she's talkin' about someone killin' a faggot and a liberal long time ago. Hurrhh, hurrhh, hurrrh.")

The facts of what she said -- -zippp -- right over their heads.

These are Video Game Patriots, people to whom the TV series 24 and X-box realities ARE reality.

They live in their X-Box and Playstation fantasies.
Not even as close to reality as Wii.
Just front brain fantasies.
They have no concept of reality, history, or simple human decency.
They have no memory of yesterday or last week.

Vapid hollow creatures through which time passes and comes out as hate-filled noise.

Grand Theft Government -- the new game.

Why can't they be civil and rational?
Because they lost the election and so are totally willing to destroy the constitutional government that allowed someone they don't like to sit in the big chair.

Video Gamers.

When they find out you can't just hit reset,
they'll be sorry, but it'll be too late.


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