Wait wait wait wait -- WHO has endangered the USA the MOST?

According to what he himself says, it was Dick Cheney --

He excoriates President Obama for his plan to close Guantanamo because "all the innocent ones were released long ago and many of them shouldn't have been because MANY OF THEM RETURNED TO JIHAD...

So whose fucking fault is that, Dick?
Who was the boss when the wrong guys got released?

I seem to recall that you and your sock puppet were the guys in charge when that fuckup happened.

So why in hell should we consider ANYTHING you say more relevant than anything someone like Anne Coulter says?

You've told us and made it clear that you didn't know what you were doing, not on September 10th 2001, and not since.

So why not shut the fuck up, you creep, and let a real man deal with the mess you made?


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