They say that 95% of priests are good men...

... that only a tiny minority -- 5% -- are buttfucking child rapists ... but the "GOOD MEN" are being tarred by the bad behavior of the bad...

although there's an old saying -- and it's directly related to the concept of the martyr, i.e., the person who must speak out when asked (Romans asking if they're Christians, etc) -- and that saying, that insight is this:


So those 95% -- of which many knew what was happening -- are, if not accessories after the fact, then merely moral cowards. Either way, doesn't equate to "GOOD MEN" in my book.

I'm not a Catholic, but it looks to me as if the continuing evasions are protecting the individuals but actually destroying the Roman Catholic Church.

None of them can imagine that actually happening, which means they have no idea how to prevent it.

(And by the way, once the raped children get through with finding justice, there are a whole lot of Jews who would like to discuss their feeling that John Paul II's well-meaning "Sorry," doesn't come close to a valid apology for the historical monstrosities.)


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