AT&T's TV commerical -- cognitive dissonance

They took a beautiful personal magical song by Nick Drake (From the Morning) perhaps the last one he recorded -- a solitary artist who put his heart and soul into completely original work, and combined it with the latest monumental monstrosity by the Christo Corporate Franchise which once again purveys gigantic pieces of crap involving no more imagination than wrapping everything in sight with orange polyester cloth.

The way a REAL artist, Salvatore Scarpitta, described it some 30+ years ago when Christo's act was still new: 

"The only things I wrap are things I made myself. 
  What Christo does is what any clerk at Macy's does."

Christo -- big corporate money for the sort of bright shiny empty shit even a CEO can understand. Gigantic versions of Bank Lobby Art.

Lenny Bruce described Christo's work perfectly even though he died years before Christo came up with his scam:

   There's a big difference between 
   a big piece of art with a little shit in the middle,
   and a big piece of shit with a little art in the middle. 

   One's a piece of art and the other's a piece of shit.


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