An Open Letter to Toyota Berkeley (which keeps bouncing this out when I try to send it directly to them):


Toyota Berkeley -- "Nobody beats Berkeley for sleazyness -- never have and never will."

I am always intrigued by the deals offered in your commercials, and think positively about yr dealership UNTIL we hear and see the man who yells: 
"Nobody beats Berkeley -- never have and never will." 

As he slimes his way onto my screen with the phoniest smile I've ever seen outside of a Saturday Night Live skit, looking and sounding like the sort of man that makes it necessary -- after he shakes your hand -- that you check to see your watch and rings are still there and need to count all your fingers, I realize, as long he is in any way connected to your dealership, I will -- if necessary -- drive long miles and pay more -- despite the local convenience -- to avoid being insulted, disparaged, belittled, and, I imagine, most likely, robbed in one way or another.


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