The Air Force won't let its computers access the NYTimes

Air Force blocks media sites that post WikiLeaks
The Air Force says it is blocking computer access to The New York Times and other media sites that have published sensitive diplomatic documents released by the Internet site WikiLeaks.
An Air Force spokeswoman, Maj. Toni Tones, says more than 25 websites have been blocked and cannot be viewed by any Air Force computer. The ban does not apply to personal computers.
She says the action was taken by the 24th Air Force, which is commanded by Maj. Gen. Richard Webber and is responsible for cyberwarfare and computer security for the service.

-------Well, according to recent reports, the US Air Force is so heavily controlled by Born-Again Christian officers (those who ARE promote others who ARE and DON'T promote those who AREN'T) they no longer say:


They say:


(No more "into the air junior birdmen..." Now it's "Up from the grave, Little Christian.")

And we wonder why the people of Muslim countries think we're fighting them because of their religion rather than because of their psychotic religious fanatic murderers.

Maybe because we seem to have developed a whole passel of our own psychotic religious fanatics.

(Which is a shame, since I know and have known Air Force officers and enlisted men who were Americans from top to bottom, inside and out, rather than only PARTLY American, i.e., Christian-Americans, ie., "I'll do my duty but only if the Chaplain tells me it's ok."

(I have also known some Air Force personnel who are that kind of religious crazies but always thought they were just a tiny minority.)

(Just to be clear, I am NOT mocking Christianity, but I AM viewing with a great deal of distaste those who think to be American DEMANDS adhering to some minister's idea of what Jesus was about.)


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