News from the Gays-aren't-human front

Oh migod -- New York State actually decided that people have the right to marry other people, whether or the same sex or the other sex. (Not dogs, tho, despite Rick Santorum's psychotic fever dream of a mind)

Not just gay people, but, say, two old men or ladies, good friends who are at a semi-subsistence level sharing an apartment and know that if one dies or gets sick, the other will be out on his/her ass.

"Well, Senator, do you want to pay more yourself, or do you want your mother moving back in with you?"

Marriage is a commitment to be/stay together. (Or in the words of Bob Dylan's old guy love song):

We live and we die/
and we know not why/
But I'll be with you when the deal goes down

But for demagogues like Pat Robertson who make their living threatening people with punishment from the sadistic god-monster spawned in their minds from their own sickness -- a new screaming threat:

Now God will destroy America!

Now God will destroy America!

I have long thought if there is a God who might destroy America (male, of course, according to those people), he would destroy it because of the unbelievable arrogance of people like Pat Robertson, people who claim to speak for God, like Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olson...

Pat Robertson -- the 50's Marine who called home from Japan, and pled with his daddy the senator to puhleese make it so I don't have to go to Korea with my battalion... make it so I can stay here...

And daddy did, and this sanctimonious asshole spent his term of duty securing booze and whores for officers.

And now is obsessively concerned with what sort of thing might go INTO someone else's mouth, rather than having any concern for the vicious, malignant, rotting stink that COMES OUT of his mouth.

A just God might want to hold us all accountable for letting this man continue to spew his hatred, when other societies would have long ago cut out his tongue.


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