WOW ...

I think most of what politicians say -- buzzwords, hero names, demonizing and the rest -- I think of it as providing oral gratification for the people they want to manipulate.

I found myself accidentally watching CSPAN yesterday while the Republican Leadership Conference was on and got to see Michele Bachmann (one-L, two-Ns) speak...

That weird cult-member stare makes one think it's a mask and we never never never never EVER want to see the face of the creature behind that mask (she's one of those people that make the idea of extraterrestrial reptiles wearing human masks seem like a logical explanation for the sense of creepy unwholesomeness).

And then 2, 3, 5, 7 minutes of nothing but "Feel-good/Love-me" words and slogans --- "You're great, New Orleans... and You survived Katrina and Obama's oil drilling ban... and Great Governor... and we'll make Obama a one-term president... and Haley Barbour... and Tea Party..." and it all went as well as could be and was appreciated as any well-practiced blowjob should be.

Until she got to talking about how the Tea Party was getting bigger and developing more influence and 2012 and the clapping-seal audience response dropped by around 50%. So she went back to stroking and sucking.

All I could think was that I'd never seen someone give a blowjob to 500 people simultaneously.

Not just because she's a woman, of whatever species --- the others, the Republican males -- all tried to hum and suck their way through their presentations, too. But she really gave them all a tutorial in how to do the political version of the act.

Despite my appreciation of the honesty of the prostitute whose observation I quote on this page, this was different. This wasn't anything nearly as wholesome as the kind that quote indicates -- an honest hard-cash transaction, whether done in a posh hotel or in the nearest alley between garbage cans and dumpsters.

It reminded me why I never use the word "whore" as an insult about a politician -- it lacked any of the honesty one may get from an actual whore.


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