What's the matter with Tim Pawlenty?

Aside from being a boring creep, one who yelled "Obama hasn't got the courage to tell the truth to the American public," and then backing down for fear of offending the OTHER Mr. Bore-Me-To-Coma, Mitt Romney in the debate?

But his unfortunate resemblance to Denis O'Hare, extraordinarily accomplished actor, one whose most recognizable role the past few years, True Blood's vicious, petty, foppish Vampire King of Mississippi -- that resemblance doesn't help.

(Hey, shallow and superficial pretty much defines the American boobocracy, doesn't it? Ahhnold the Governator? Any questions?

Tim Pawlenty

Denis O'Hare
Russell Edgington
Denis O'Hare aka Russell Edgington
Vampire King of Mississippi -- and a Gay vampire king at that!


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