Gee -- Cyrus Vance Jr says he doesn't want to prosecute Dominique Strauss-Kahn

Gee -- want a definition of "chickenshit?" How about "see Cyrus Vance Jr."

Sure, he said, there were definite signs that she was sexually attacked but...


But ...she wouldn't have been a believable witness... and so, since we can't call her a whore and a slut and a liar in court, D.A. Vance decided he'd do it now, and drop the charge. Not that Strauss-Kahn could have POSSIBLY offered any goodies to Vance if he did that.

Because it's only after-the fact coincidental that one of the richest men in the world found people to say "She's a liar," and Her boyfriend (who is in jail in Arizona accused but not yet tried, on a drug charge) says she was talking about how rich this guy is. Couldn't have PAID anyone in Guinea to say she was never gang-raped.

And it's not as if the old rapist couldn't help Vance to a plum job after the fact.

And Anita Hill couldn't have POSSIBLY been telling the truth about Clarence Thomas -- the Reagan administration's token. After all, she was an ambitious lawyer. And black.

And Judge Bork -- the only judge with little enough self-respect and large enough ambition to carry out Nixon's Saturday Night Massacre couldn't possibly have been voted down because he was substandard and more than a little crazy. No, it HAD to be a liberal conspiracy.

Ahhhh, so the DA, son of a Carter Admin muckety-muck with the same name got an offer he couldn't pass up.

So fucking what?

SO when people say "Cyrus Vance" we'll have to ask "Do you mean Jimmy Carter's Secretary of State? Or the crooked chickenshit D.A.


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