Remember when the purity-mongers demanded that ALL Muslims come forward and denounce the Islamic crazies of 9-11? Time for the Mormons to man up.

I don't care about religions.

Don't think the Mormons' mental maze any more stupid or absurd or malign than any other.

But last year they sent millions of dollars into California to prevent us from correcting a long-time civil wrong, i.e., that gay people had been denied the same right as thieves, rapists, drunks, felons, religious fanatics, politicians, and other reprobates, i.e., the right to marry the person of choice.

They paid many millions for the hysteria-mongering lies that help Prop 8 pass -- the Proposition that singled out gay people as not worthy of marriage.

So I call on any Mormon who wants to be considered an equal member of society to denounce the craven and vicious assault on our freedoms.

They can run their theocratic dictatorship in Utah as they will (who can stop them?)* but that sort of religious fanaticism doesn't play well here in the Golden state.

So it's only fair that the people of California boycott any business run by Mormons, refuse to allows Mormons to be employed by the state in government or schools, etc -- UNLESS and UNTIL they disavow the freedom-denying behavior of their co-religionist's bigotry.

Fair enough, isn't it? Just as fair as they said would be ok for Muslims.

The first Mormon that needs to set the standard is Mitt Romney.


* Full disclosure -- a friend of mine once taught at Brigham Young, and when they discovered he didn't believe in their particular version of moonlight, fired him, forced his wife to divorce him and take the children (gee, how would a Utah state judge rule in a custody case?) and declared him apostate (although he regarded that last bit with pride -- his point of view: "If people like THAT like YOU, you need to wonder about yourself.")


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