The under-rated George W. Bush -- right-wing hero

They said the same things about Ike that they said about W ---

"Oh he couldn't possibly know what's actually going on."

Good old uncle Fudd, Ike was, kind of ignoring that fact that only a few years before he'd juggled the egos of Viscount Montgomery, Winston Churchill, Charles deGaulle and a few more egomaniacs while planning and executing the largest single military operation in history.

Gary Wills pointed it out in his book: Nixon Agonistes, that Nixon's fatal mistake was that he thought Eisenhower was politically shrewd, never understanding that Eisenhower was a political genius, and no one but another genius could pull it off. Nixon was no political genius.

Ike a genius? Uncle Fudd? A man who knew the difference between power and authority better than any living man (others who thought they knew -- MacArthur, Hitler, Mussolini, Tojo -- learned the difference too late.
Ike -- as Wills ALSO pointed out, was NEVER more than an arm's reach from a loaded .45 -- even behind his desk in the oval office.

W, on the other hand, didn't have much going for him, pre-presidential, but the same name as his daddy and obscene piles of money brought to him -- much of it unsolicited -- while he was a video-game playing gym rat Texas governor.

And yet -- going back to the policy generated by Grover Norforms' tiny government ideal:


Bush was The Man.

The policy?

Started in the Reagan Admin -- in short:
"Piss away every cent we have or will ever have until we're so broke we can't afford the Communist-plot programs like Social Security and Medicare and Department of Education, or any of the other Commie stuff."

And then W, the dry drunk fumble-fuck no one ever would hold liable to actually KNOWING what was going on did a couple of things:

1. Cut taxes.
2. Started two endless wars:
a. The first one in Iraq to take out Saddam Hussein (and make sure none of the documents proving the October Surprise Treason or the later Iran-Iraq War bribes came to light.)
b. Piss away our empire down the rat-hole of Afghanistan

By the time he left office we were more than broke -- we were in free-fall -- and every lock-step Republican could learn the script:


SO W was not a genius -- just a world-class fuck-up who could destroy our economy just by doing his best (and having no idea what the people appointed by his evil puppet-master -- Dick Cheney* -- were up to.)

* Dick Cheney -- now playing the fatherly advisor -- Keerist -- I am not joking when I say I would sooner hear what Charles Manson has to say about the government than the thieving-murderer-turned-wannabe-elder-statesman. Having read much said from both, I think Mr Manson has been -- hands-down -- the more honest of the two.


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