Glenn Greenwald -- totally misses the point

Progressive Hypocrisy

Glenn Greenwald

A new poll shows deep support among liberals for the very Bush/Cheney policies they once pretended to despise


Sorry Glenn -- your total inability to see what's actually going on is the kind of lack of understanding what's happening that ALLOWED the Bush and Cheney sociopaths to run amok and plunder the treasury.

In Salon, he's as head-up-his-ass theoretically dogmatic looking at the wrong facts and missing the point as Ron Santorum or the late unlamented Meier Kahane.

It's like someone said when Obama first came in -- the white boys party party party party and trash the frat house and in the morning, they pay some black guy to come in and clean up their mess.

Here's the response I made to the Greenwald article:

It wasn't the Bush/Cheney POLICIES we despised so much as the Bush/Cheney contempt for the public, the law, and any sense of decency. Their policies were purely based on tough-guy posturing and plundering of the US Treasury to give BILLIONS to their pals, especially the Halliburton people who were STILL paying off Cheney. We realized that his sock puppet, Bush, didn't even understand the words provided for him -- just mouthed the script.

The difference is the fact that we can feel relatively confident that Obama and his administration have actually THOUGHT ABOUT taking actions appropriate to getting a desired result rather than actions appropriate to only enrich their buddies or convince people of monumental dick-size. 

We all screamed at Bush/Cheney to stop digging that hole. There were other options then. Obama had to start at the bottom of that hole and his options are much more limited. 

And even starting from down in the hole, Obama STILL finds it possible to use the diplomacy that was too hard (or too girlie) for Bush and Cheney to understand.

I still find it ruefully hilarious when a Republican candidate attacks Obama for non-action regarding Iran and says that what Obama SHOULD be doing is secret ops inside Iran and really doesn't seem to understand AT ALL that IF Obama was doing them and doing them right, he and we wouldn't know about it.

BUSH-CHENEY -- they wanted to be Rambo, never understanding there's a difference between a guard dog and a mad dog. Stallone played the latter. Bush and Cheney WERE the latter (mad dogs), even though both were really nothing more than Country Club patriots, talking tough at the bar, but too goddamn precious to actually serve, even though Bush wore the uniform for a little while before deserting rather than sticking around for the drug tests.

Obama -- more like Henry Fonda in 12 Angry Men having the intelligence and inclination to try to find the best possible solution to problems.

The problem with Bush and Cheney wasn't JUST that they were semi-psycho -- but that they were too dumb to do the job. With Obama we can feel some relief that we know the decisions we don't like are being made by someone with a brain.



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