Eric Origen and Gan Golan do it again

The authors of  the wonderful Goodnight Bush are coming out with a new parody -- pub date August 7th.

Based on the popular Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus, 
the new title is Don't Let the Republicans Drive the Bus!

While Don't Let the Pigeon... isn't nearly as well known as the classic: Goodnight, Moon the message is still relevant -- of course, it's changed.

The first book made the case of 
"Good Lord, let's just say goodnight to this special needs sock puppet for Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld."  

The new one is looks forward and asks:

"Are you REALLY going to let a bunch of tantrum-throwing arrested development semi-sociopathic children wearing suits whose ONLY PRINCIPLES seem to be 'JUST SHOW ME THE MONEY AND NO -- NO N---RS IN THE OVAL OFFICE EVER  AGAIN! And no WOMEN OR GAYS, EITHER! NEVER!! AND NO GOVERNMENT HELP FOR POOR PEOPLE, EITHER!!!"  

Because the last time they were behind the wheel, they drove the bus right off a cliff. We'd be better off if we let Toonces -- Jack Handey's beatifically bizarre Driving Cat from Saturday Night Live -- behind the wheel. At least Toonces was cute. (Can't say that about Mitch McConnell.)

Full disclosure -- I live in Oakland, CA and get all my strange, weird, and funny off-the-wall books and supplies from Dark Carnival on Claremont Ave in Berkeley (whose owner told me about the forthcoming book). 


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