Wm Blake said it -- "People don't change -- they only stand more revealed."

He might have been talking about Mitt Romney -- he was an arrogant thug and a bully then back in prep school and still is now -- an arrogant, smug and a nasty bully now.

We know that he rallied his storm troopers when in prep school to savage and humiliate some kid because he believed he had the absolute right to fuck over anyone who didn't look right, didn't see things the right way -- "right way" meaning the way he did.

And just last week, he BRAGGED about sending out his storm troopers to shout down Mr. Axelrod in Philadelphia so no one could hear what he was saying. Because if people don't agree with him (even though no one STILL knows what the hell it is he actually believes) then he doesn't mind taking a crap on the the First Amendment. And he lies -- says that the Obama sends people out to do it to him, then he thinks he has the right to do it. But that's a lie -- Obama never sent hecklers out to disrupt Romney's speeches.

Problem is, what he is can be called politely by the technical term   -- a lying sack of shit.  

(Another example -- no one ever found any connection between Obama's funding of Solyndra and ANY Obama contributors - -although HE -- Romney -- DID give state money to companies run by HIS friends, family and big ticket contributors when he was governor of Massachusetts -- maybe part of the reason the people of Massachusetts threw him the hell out when his term was up-- but Obama and Solyndra? Never happened, Just some lie that Romney made up and keeps repeating, but what the hell.) 

Anyway .. this is a lying sack of shit that many people believe is actually NOT a human being -- many more than those who believe Obama wasn't born in Hawaii -- and he doesn't realize or care that his stupid lies can be easily checked. 

He seems to confuse Obama with the Tea Party thugs whose asses he's trying to surreptitiously kiss. Those hecklers didn't come from Obama or Axelrod to harass Romney -- they were just plain old folk who recognize him as an vicious animatronic version of Gordon Gecko.  

But with Romney, it seems there's no difference to him between truth and lies -- he'll just say anything he thinks will get him what he wants. It's called "Bearing False Witness," which he'd know if he believed in the Bible (Old Testament with 10 Commandments), rather than the teachings of his extraterrestrial God. Maybe the 10 Commandents ARE part of the Book of Mormon, but so what -- he just doesn't care.  The rules don't apply to him.

He doesn't care because he shows all the behavioral traits of a sociopath. So amend that to "sociopathic lying sack of shit."
Totally without conscience or morality and only cares about whether or not people like him or approve of him if people liking him is how he gets what he wants. And like Stalin, he sends out thugs to beat down anyone who doesn't agree with him. Call them Cossacks or Storm Troopers or Company Goons. Doesn't matter -- he's got a lot of leg-breakers on the payroll.

So he'll tell any kind of slanderous lie he can think of because all he can do is attack the Black Man in the White House. He has told us NOTHING of what HE will do if president. Oh yeah -- "I'll create jobs. I'll make everything better, etc..."

Just remember the Ladder of Abstraction  -- the higher you go the less specific. And he's so far up there, it's all "freedom" and "free market" and "Liberty" and "Justice,' but ask what SPECIFICALLY he's going to do and -- oops, got an appointment gotta leave right now. Sorry.


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