Ah, yes, Romney repeats the mantra over and over: "I'm a busnessman, I'm a businessman."

Well, let's see -- a pretty great businessman -- Joseph P. Kennedy -- who incidentally also raised some sons, all of whom, unlike Willard the Wonderful, were pretty much committed to the welfare of those less fortunate -- Joe Kennedy put it this way, a lesson he taught to his sons, and one that they remembered:

"All businessmen are sonsofbitches."

And Joe the bootlegger and Hitler admirer, knew whereof he spoke, having been one of the biggest goldplated sonsofbitches ever to walk the walk.

So maybe the Kennedy boys were focused on doing for those less fortunate because they rejected everything their father was. Possible.

And if so, maybe Mitt has done the same thing, rejected everything his father was -- a decent, socially concerned, open, honest person.

You think? 


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