Mitt Romney -- does he really think we're all stupid enough to believe him?

First of all, you look at that prep school photo of him and you know Dick Wolfe would cast him immediately as the Prep School Sadist in a Law & Order bullying/hazing death episode.

He says "We didn't know anything about gay or homosexual back then."

Really? The 60's? Tell me another.
-- OK -- I will bet $10,000 that Mitt snarled "You little faggot" at his victim as he showed him who was boss -- with all his buddies helping. And you know he did.

I think there's a reason -- even before this -- why former schoolmates and working mates have not lined up to endorse him.*

He's worked hard to improve, even perfect, his "actual human being" mask but it never fully covered up the vicious sonofabitch you can see just behind that phony smile.

Of course, TV journalists have to pretend to believe him -- if they just outright called him a lying sack of shit, they'd get congrats and points for honesty, but lose the big bucks.

A hero of mine -- the incredibly vile John Wilmot, 2d Earl of Rochester (1647 - 1680) -- privileged to have a friendship with King Charles II, who found him amusing, and always relented, restoring him to court after times he was so egregious he had to put out to pasture. Wilmot observed the way things are:

"Any man who calls things by their rightful name will surely be hanged."

Or, with anchorpeople, calling things by their rightful name will lose those 6 and 7 figure salaries they get for being able to tolerate fools and vicious assholes with a straight face -- both the network execs and the monsters they have to interview.

He's a monster.
Amazing to realize that in matters of corruption and dishonesty, there's someone who -- along with his sleazy crew of lie-concocters -- makes Richard Nixon and his band of felonious reprobates look, in retrospect, like Mr. Rogers and the neighborhood.

In comparison, he makes W look like a serious, thoughtful, populist, an earnest intelligent studious fellow. 

It's no coincidence that people in place to know say that many in the LDS Establishment are unhappily concerned by the possibility that people will assume all Mormons are as sleazy and nasty as Mitt Romney.

Actually, I'm remembering the way that LDS Establishment invaded California, terrified that people who didn't believe the same mean-spirited crap they did might be allowed to live their own lives and love and marry. They came, pouring over the border squealing and biting like a swarm of rabid squirrels, bringing the heartless psychotic Proposition 8, millions in money and thousands of mindless volunteers. We know they are no better than Little Mitt.  Sanctimonious vermin.. 

*Addendum -- regarding the apparent reluctance of Romney's former cohorts to endorse him, a Managing Director at Bain Capital --Jonathan Lavine, who has been there since before Romney severed active ties  -- has raised between $100K and $200k in contributions for President Obama's re-election campaign. (We can only speculate on what stories he might be able to tell. Scarey. Kind of like being on trial and finding out the prosecution has called your ex-wife as a witness.)


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