So does stealing the dead souls of others qualify as theft? Is that a Mormon tradition, theft?

They posthumously converted Elie Wiesel and now beheaded journalist Daniel Pearl.

These people have no decency at all ... no respect for other people's sensibilities or beliefs. 

So they stole the land from the Native Americans -- the Utes, but wottehell -- that's just good old American tradition, right?

Then they set up a way station around the Salt Lake taking what they wanted from pioneers on their way to California. Mostly scavenging what they travelers had dropped as too cumbersome to carry any farther. 
Nothing wrong with that, right? 
Just good old American entrepreneurship, right?

And they sold those things to others on their way -- mercantile tradition, right?

Or sometimes, if the travelers didn't care to dump their goods, they would steal them outright, even to the point of mass murder (as in the Mountain Meadow Massacre).

And now we see Mitt Romney, who made his fortune stealing jobs from workers and pension funds from their companies.

And then, of course, the whole godforsaken church stole the civil liberties from an entire class of Californians, overturning the legal right of same-sex marriage with their odious Proposition 8 -- using a campaign so filled with lies ("Elementary school children will be forced to study gay life styes..") that a full 22% of the people who voted FOR Prop 8 -- waay more than the winning margin -- said that had they known the actual facts, they never would have voted for it.

And now we get super thief Mitt Romney, a candidate who is unwilling to address questions about the "White Horse" ideal -- that it is their destiny to "save" the USA as intended by Joe Smith  ("...when the constitution is hanging by a thread..." SUPER MORMON will ride in on a White Horse and save America... as a Mormon-controlled theocracy.)

And stealing non-Mormon souls for posthumous baptism gets them Brownie points to enrich their own afterlife. Of course, the zombie converts will always be second-class spirits and only get a second-rate heaven -- those who "followed the law of Moses" go to the Terrestrial (Middle) Kingdom. So it's the usually-skipped verse in When the Saints Go Marching in --- "When the last Jew's converted..." (That's when they get the goodie bags.)

(The Highest Heaven -- the Celestial Kingdom is for God and those who followed his -- Mormon -- law. Kind of like afterlife Hamptons. The children of Moses get something like Levittown.)

I don't know if the lynch mob knew this sort of thing as part of what prompted them to come after Joe Smith. I don't know if this was what he had in mind, because -- to be fair -- it's important to note that NONE of Smith's descendants are part of the Salt Lake City mob that call themselves Mormon. Maybe they feel as much antipathy to them as I do -- or more, since it defames them directly.

But it's enough for me when I see the young cult-kids at my front door with their white shirts and black name tags, stealing my time, presumptuously following orders by assuming the person behind the doorbell has never thought about spiritual matters and has been waiting all his life for some pimply-faced adolescents to feed him a line of sadistic science fiction.
It's enough for me to open the door with a smile and greet the young god-mongers saying:

"Get the fuck off my porch. Your people have already caused enough pain to my neighbors."  

(Although sometimes I remember Sweet Billy, a stage-hand I used to work with, how he would have said, chiding me quietly for getting too far into the Big Bad Stage Manager Role: "Oh, be KIND -- they're so young ... and they're such a CUTE couple."  And if I'm in a good enough mood, I might add an observation from someone they probably never heard of -- Oscar Wilde):

"Selfishness is not living as one wishes to live. It is asking others to live as one wishes to live. So now -- PLEASE get the fuck off my porch."


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