It's true -- women's bodies DO have a defense against impregnation caused by rape

It's called Abortion.

And in the interest of education I suggest a way toward educational understanding for all those who think there is "legitimate rape," "forcible rape" (that adjective tells us they also think there is a "non-forcible rape), and/or any other form of rape.

Best suggestion for a quick, economical tutorial? 

We provide -- for each and every one of them -- a FREE, taxpayer-funded one month vacation as a temporary general population prisoner in such vacation spots as Attica, Chico State, etc, so they can actually learn what rape -- in all it's "no big deal" forms -- can be. (Remember, boys, don't forget to try the "aspirin tablet between your knees" system.)

I think that will do them a lot of good and help them evolve.


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