How long until Sandusky, Ohio decides to change its name?

What with mass- and serial- kiddie rapist Jerry Sandusky having already made Penn State a distasteful laughing-stock... Maybe something more locally appropriate to Ohio (and not associated with quite so nasty a monster:

*     Dahmer, Ohio? 
**   Charlie Manson, Ohio?
*** Freddy Krueger, Ohio?  

Upper Sandusky -- around 50 miles south, might have it easier. Simple to change their name to

"Up Yours, Sandusky Ohio" 

thereby distancing themselves from the baby-raping thug as well as flipping the bird at their more famous (and waterfront property located) name-similar.

*Ohioan Jeffrey Dahmer -- born in Milwaukee, but went to Ohio State and enjoyed the area so much he decided to stay and eat some local delicacies.-- this info provided by native Ohoian Ted Kane (not a cannibal).

**Mr. Manson was a Native Ohioan, born in Cincinnati in 1934.

***Mr Krueger's Nightmare on Main Street is in Springfield, Ohio.


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