It's real simple --

I love the idea of  liberty and freedom

But I do not want to hear those words from ANYONE who

opposes a woman's right to authority over her own body and its functions
opposes any person's right to love whomever they choose
opposes any person's right to read, see, eat, drink, smoke, ingest whatever that person will
or indulges in any and all such authoritarian posturing like moralistic finger-pointing little-Hitlers..

Those people aren't libertarians -- they're just wannabe King of the World crap artists.

I was a registered capital-L Libertarian for 25 years and watched it turn from a philosophy of personal freedom to a theocratic boy's club pre-occupied with worshipping the rich.

Ron Paul comes on like a cute eccentric old grandpa, and claims to be a libertarian, but he's just another political hypocrite.

His opinions where 51% of the people (i.e., women) are concerned are those of a laissez faire authoritarian dictatorial theocratic gynophobic moralist (with a nasty streak of racism in his past which he now denies and seems to try to compensate for by making statements about his love for the darkies.)

Like most of them, he's a libertarian for himself and them what's like him (i.e., white, Xtian, good ole boys) and the rest can be a permanent underclass (women, mescans, et al).

Haven't been a real libertarian out in the open since Charles Erskine Scott Wood* and he's been dead since 1944.  Mr Wood was a libertarian leftist -- yeah, there are those, too. Libertarian leftists tend to be be REAL libertarians, as in live and let live -- not doctrinaire pissants who cop an attitude at anyone who isn't in their "Ayn-Rand-is-the-One-True-Goddess" Belief Club.. The real ones were denounced as anarchists and communists and royally fucked over with great nasty vigor and shouts of patriotism. (Sacco and Vanzetti et al)

Their crime, these days? Not worshiping Ayn Rand as hot shit but seeing her as just one more rich kid who extolled the virtue of the hard work she never had to do. To be fair, she had the excuse of English not being her native language. Doesn't make her books any more readable -- altho I did like We the Living when I was a teenager -- just gives her something of an excuse.)

But the rest? 
Poseurs and liars.

*Heavenly Discourse. New York: Vanguard Press, 1928.


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