The new Swift Boating -- once again, a former military man disgraces his retired uniform

I didn't even know who the guy was or what it was about but as soon as the man said these words:

"As a citizen, it is my civic duty..."
 I knew it was total crap, like a Hollywood agent saying "Trust me." (Meaning "Fuck you.") 

It seems the Repugnicans have convinced this man, a Special Ops vet, that (1) Obama is leaking info for political gain, and (2) taking credit for taking out Osama Ben Ladn which, the man says, he doesn't deserve (other than being Commander-in-chief, ordering the Joint Chiefs to go for it, supervising it every step of the way, and being very low key and modest since, taking NO personal credit for his own role in getting it done, but proud of Seal Team 6 and the entire military structure that enabled them to finish off the job only 10+ years after Monkey Boy Bush swore he would take care of it.

Like Oliver North, more vets disgracing the uniforms they no longer wear (knowing that the active Seal Team members -- as all active military --are prohibited by law from making a political statement, even a retort to a man selling his former service to the high bidder).

"You didn't kill Ben Ladn -- America did."

No, sir -- Seal Team Six did, and you deny them credit because that would mean SPECIFIC people accomplished the goal, and that would also include the Commander-in-Chief.  

But there you are trying your best to prove the old saw that "military intelligence" is a contradiction in terms. 

Please, sir, there are a lot of military, active or retired -- most of them, I would think -- willing to do almost anything for our country, anything short of lying or or getting all bullshit pompous ("As a citizen, it is my civic duty...) about having taken a payoff to crap all over your previously honorable service for personal gain.


Full disclosure -- I'm not a great fan of the military in general -- hell, I don't even regard my own half-assed military service very highly (I wasn't very good at it.)
I do have utmost respect for military individuals  -- for their patriotism,  and their courage, and how much they and their families sacrifice for their commitment. 

My lack of regard is for the institution which spoonfeeds them the BS the politicians spout but then tells them to fuck off when they come back -- mission accomplished -- but broken to various degrees from what they went through to get it done.

But our history is a sequence of events in which young men and women getting short shrift after they put it all on the line because they had to back up the pissing contest swagger of some asshole in congress or the White House.
That being said, I'm really offended by this group of former Special Ops men who -- when in the service -- killed as needed and/or as ordered for the country, using their former service as a springboard for political attacks, thereby launching their civilian careers as character assassins.


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