Darryl Issa -- one of the famous car thief brothers -- he gets to point his crooked finger at the Attorney General?

Ahhh, bullshit.

He stole a car belonging to a sergeant from from an Army post in 1971.
The sergeant recovered the car after confronting and threatening him.
Issa denied it, of course --  no charges were filed.

In 1972, Issa and his brother stole a red Maserati from a car dealership in Cleveland.
They were indicted for car theft, but the case was dropped.

They got tired of the game, so they flipped over to the other side, and  in 1979 the brothers filed a fraudulent report  alleging that Issa's Mercedes Benz was stolen.
There was a charge of grand theft auto, but that was dropped.

(As Sir Guy Grand said -- more or less -- in The Magic Christian:
 "And it cost a pretty penny to get that one covered up."

But THEN, the unpardonable crime --
Issa invented the "Step Away from the Car" Alarm.
Issa's voice was the one we got to hear on and on and on along with the clamoring alarm at 4AM. 

He got rich enough doing that to buy himself a seat in congress.

And that felonious scumbag has the temerity to diss the Attorney General?

Fuck him and the horse-shit he rolled in on.

The man is a shameless waste of human protoplasm.


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