The Westboro Baptist Sadists plan to picket Roger Ebert's funeral...

The Westboro Baptist Sadists plan to picket Roger Ebert's funeral because he once tweeted something expressing his dislike of their tactics...

In the event of such an obscenity as the vicious monsters of the Westboro Baptist Church spewing their toxic insanity all over mourners bidding farewell to a loved one (in this instance, Roger Ebert and the multi-thousands -- if not many many more -- into whose lives he brought some bits of understanding, and enjoyment), shouldn't it be legal for any or all of the mourners to shoot them?

I think it should, because it would help them (the slavering Baptists) to understand something in their final moments as regards the ongoing fight between heaven and hell, that fight for which they love to act as play-by-play announcers.

It would help them understand. to finally see, which side they've actually been serving all along.

(Spoiler alert -- which side loves to cause pain and terror? Which side loves to divide people and set them against each other? Which side LOVES to threaten people with torture and suffering and endless pain? Right, the one they pretend to be against.)

If you want to see what the hordes of left-behind sub-humans they imagine will thrive after the Rapture they imagine will happen, just look at the Westboro Baptist Church Monsters screaming obscenities at the funerals of people they despise with uncontrollable rage.

It would take another Jesus with enough spiritual accomplishment to say "Forgive them father, they know not what they do. Hell, they don't even know what they are."

Well, I'm not that guy, even though I do agree they haven't got a clue to what they're ACTUALLY doing.

But perhaps, given that hell is for those who believe in it, that smell of sulfur in their last moments will give them an idea.


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