Mourdock? Gynophobic asshole.

When a piece of walking detritus talks about God, atheists everywhere cheer.

And as a non-atheist, I still cry out "Oh Lord -- why do we have to suffer this vicious idiotic man's insane religious rant?"

On the other hand, as an unconditional  supporter of Barack Obama, all I can say to that man is "Thank you for being such a vicious gynophobic jerk and acting out ONE of Romney's many positions on abortion (i.e., that he supports a "personhood" amendment). Of course Romney is also AGAINST a personhood amendment. And also both for and against every other position concerning women and their legal rights.

At least we can be grateful that Romney is too afraid of anyone asking him just what it is that Mormons believe to fling words like "God" around.

All I know about LDS beliefs is that they don't want women or gay people to have the same civil rights and liberties as they so fiercely defend for their own heterosexual or asexual male church members.

I can only optimistically await the return of the bacchae to the home or office of every republican congressman.
Make a hell of a movie... like watching Komodo Dragons killing and eating a water buffalo.
Faster Pussycat, Kill Kill Goes to Congress

A fitting memorial for the late Tura Satana.


Tura Satana -- Meet Richard Mourdock


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