The other day I told someone that if you Google'd a phrase, it would give you Saintperle...

..that phrase being:

"Romney -- Lying Sack of Shit"

Well it had been a couple months since I'd checked it so I Google'd it again yesterday ---

Saintperle waay waay wayyy down the list of 87,000+ HITS.

Not even imagining it's because of my post .. just pleased that there are so many others who agree with me and sum up that thing that calls itself a man by the same phrase.

So when he and his minions say how far ahead he is, well, what part of truth can we even IMAGINE he understands?

But reading Nate Silver's538 and the Princeton Election Consortium, it looks like Romney may get to spend the rest of his life blaming everyone else, but still wondering why he sold his soul to follow that magickal temptation of power and position.

I don't know much about Mormonism, but I don't think there's ANY religion that approves of lying, bearing false witness, and being arrogant.

I don't even know if Mormons have a hell, but Mitt's been a bad boy and might not get his own planet, might have to even be a servant to dark-skinned post-life people on the second-rate planet-heavens they get.

I just know that it would be wrong to judge all Mormons by this soulless freak.(Or the leadership that spent $20 million to make sure California wouldn't continue to allow couples of the same sex to get married.)

Oh hell, why not -- like Muslims after 9-11, it's definitely unfair, but that's the way it it -- it's down to Mormons to PROVE they're NOT those guys.


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