Just wondering if Muslim-slandering video might be part of GOP strategy

Is it a GOP ploy? No way to know.
But it's not just my conspiracy-headiness.
When Jimmy Carter was prez, the Repugnicans got Nelson Rockefeller (the putative "liberal" repub) to go to Jimmy and convince him to allow the Shah to come to the USA to go to Sloan-Kettering for his cancer, KNOWING it would stir up shit in Iran.
Most likely, the GOP didn't know exactly what would happen back then -- like hostage-taking -- just that it wouldn't take more than that spark to make the place explode, and with lots of shit hitting the fan, it would be bad for Jimmy,  and make his presidency have to be about THAT instead of whatever else was on his agenda. This result was also aided by spreading the story, in Iran, that the Shah was being given permanent sanctuary here and would not be prosecuted for his crimes.
I had that from a family-member of an American embassy official who had been stationed in Tehran at the time, one of the few who spoke perfect Farsi, who got out of the embassy as it was taken, was hiding in the street under a truck, and as the mob was moving around looking here and there, shouted "There they go, back behind you, they're getting away."
So maybe this was designed as a political tactic same as the Iranian one, maybe not. But now, with Romney having established his bonafides as an international dumbfuck doofus whose comments in public are just as bad as those in private (telling the Israelis that Israel is successful -- unlike the culturally primitive Palestinians -- because Jews understand financial stuff)  this video stirs up all sorts of shit in the Muslim world.
Not that the Repugs knew about the planned attack and murders in our Benghazi consulate in Libya. More like Bush's people who had gotten all the CIA Ben Ladn warnings (70 of them) and were gobsmacked and astounded on 9-11 because they thought the warnings meant hitting one of our embassies somewhere in the world and not the World Trade Center and the Pentagon where people could actually see the damage. 
So now the press asks "Does this hurt Obama's foreign policy ratings? (And the answer is yes, they've dropped like a turd falling off the Bank of America building.)
Which works for Romney, since this is the one area Romney can't compete with the President (actually one of the areas, since there are so many) and the turmoil helps him and also his pal, Nuthin'yahoo,  who is doing all he can to help get his old business buddy, Romney, elected (yeah, they were in business together back in the day) while he goes "Who me? I'm not trying to influence the US election. How could you think such a dastardly thought?" He also has his own election coming up not long after ours. (I truly believe Yahoo is a man whose arrogance and egregious behavior may destroy Israel, but that's OK with him as long as it keeps him in power and he can say: "Not my fault, it was THEM, the ones who tried to stop me!")
I'm just wondering, since we know Romney is a bully, a kind of sadistic semi-psycho whose sense of entitlement to power may be the result of having  been told since childhood he was the Miracle Baby, the one who would ride the White Horse and save America (as a Mormon theocracy) the way the supposed prophecy foretold, so anything he does is GOOD. 
And people not exactly known for their sense of fair play -- like the Koch bros and Karl Roverer -- also like him for the job.
Still -- it stays in mind because it's having some of the effect that would have been the goal IF it was intentional.
It could be so. Or maybe not.
But caution is important as always, since, as always, belief in the possibility that this scenario is actual, that it might be true, must be tempered by the wise adage to never attribute to conspiracy what is easily explainable by incompetence and stupidity.
And there's a whole lot of that around lately.


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