Once a month in the USA:

--------- killed in mass shooting in -----------
Gunman kills -------------- at ------------- school.
----------- people shot at sporting event in ---------- 
Cop kills unarmed (black man/black men) in -----------------

Once every month on average.
(This month isn't over yet and we already have two of them.)

And gun laws
It’s not about the wrong people getting guns.
It's about the nature of what guns are --
It’s about guns being a comfort weapon for stupid people, for scared people, for dummies.

Guns make it easy to shoot someone without thinking.
And we have no shortage either of guns or of people who act without thinking.

Consider this – in the world of weapons, a gun differs from a knife or a club or a sword.
Any of these require an overt action (even if defensive) to be used.

A gun?
Especially a handgun?
A weapon for the inept.

A person feels threatened, feels defensive.
The natural response to that usually includes clenching the hands, as in making a fist.
And this reflexive physical response will, if a gun is in hand, be the act of pulling the trigger.

Which leads to all those “oh boo hoo I didn’t mean it” people who have just killed someone saying:
“It was an accident. I didn’t mean to shoot him.”

An accident?
You paid over $1000 for that gun.
No one put it in your hand and said: “Here, hold this.”
Owning that hunk of lethality was no accident.
It’s a piece of premeditation that you bought.
Even if you’re too stupid to think about what you do.

You bought that gun to make it easier to hurt someone than using a club or a knife.
And the people who manufacture and sell guns know it.

It’s the same thing as making multi-blade throwaway razors are for men who never learned how to actually shave. “Can’t figure out how to use a blade to scrape off your whiskers? Use this piece of plastic and steel landfill and you don't need to think about it.”

It is the nature of a gun itself that it is the tool for scared, inept, angry people.
Why else would a cop shoot an unarmed man 12 times except that the dead man was black and big and he, poor Offisah Pup, was scared.

Why would New Orleans cops shoot unarmed people for crossing a bridge to escape the flood?
Because they were scared those people would not obey them, would not grant them their BIGMAN status.

Think about why the Old West Colt .45 was called “The Equalizer.”
Because it allowed people who were scared and felt unable to defend themselves to kill the people who scared them.

And in the most recent case of a North Carolina cop shooting the unarmed Jonathan Ferrell 12 times, (Randall Kerrick) if I were on that jury (assuming there might be one) and if Offisah Pup pled self-defense because: "He was big and black and he was walking towards us and even though he didn't do anything, I was scared," I might consider jury nullification, because EVEN ONE killer cop admitting that on the record, could change our national racist horror show.

Just one police officer admitting "He scared me. He was a big black scary man." Could change our national conscience into something we're not ashamed to admit.

Not long ago in this blog, I wrote about having smart-assed a couple people during the Vietnam war who were tsk-tsk-ing about the nasty nature of the land mines were were using (see below)and I said "Wouldn't you rather use a knife?" 

The point being NOBODY (almost nobody) would rather use a knife, because when you do you have to actually decide you want to hurt/kill/maim someone. When you use a knife you can FEEL what you're doing to that person in your hand and arm, and there aren't many people who can deal with that. Gun people look down on knife people because they think knife people are weird, sick, creepy -- because as creepy as it may be, people who use knives, clubs, baseball bats, swords, KNOW what they're doing because they can FEEL it in their own bodies. And to feel that in your own body is to REALLY know that the other guy is more or less the same as you. 

The best urban knife-fighter I've ever known taught me something. 
If you need to pull a knife on someone to protect yourself, stab toward his crotch -- he'll always protect that and you can then stab him in the thigh -- the quadriceps -- because "It hurts like hell and it will really slow him down so you can run away." The fact that it was unlikely to cause any permanent damage was also a consideration he favored.  

Aikido with pointy objects.

Back in the 1970’s, someone wrote a book which concluded with two friends talking, one of whom had just been through a series of upsetting, even horrifying, realities. They were over and his friend, worried that there might be some post-traumatic problems asked him:

“What do you think?”
“What do I think? I think there’s no Heaven or Hell, just one big fucking madhouse.”
The friend, relieved says:
“Well, ok – let’s go, nothing wrong with you.”

Having guns doesn't change that, just makes it worse.


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