Thoughts about the two Chechen Assholes

If there's one thing we (should have) learned over the past 50-60 years -- and STILL try to deny and find it hard to accept--  it's how some idiot asshole can kill the person or people we love, admire, etc, whether runners in the Boston Marathon or JFK or MLK or Malcolm X or Bobby Kennedy, or a wife or a daughter or a husband or 20 schoolchildren or some people sitting in a fast food restaurant.

How disappointing, even heartbreaking the reality that admirable people can be taken from us by creepy wastes of 2d rate human protoplasm...

Talk about Zombie Apocalypse

And I guess, the secondary lesson is how the media people can demonstrate to us that THEY are also second-rate bits of protoplasm as they salivate with bright shining eyes over the "newsworthiness" of this new act of consummate stupidity and try to find the conspiracy and meaning behind today's particular example of the same old old old OLD story, showing the photos of the dimwitted sociopaths.

As if there were any meaning to it worth even thinking about.

Only good thing this time is that the newspeople most likely and the public most definitely will not figure out how to pronounce their names so they'll just occupy their place in psycho history as "those two Chechen assholes."

(I guess we owe a bit of a debt to these two Chechen assholes for demonstrating the fact by performing what seems to be the MOST stupid act of turning humans into carnage in memory.  Big time stuff, I'm sure they thought, but to paraphrase the old blues song "Big Boss Man," "You ain't big, yoiu're just a couple of idiots that the talking heads drooled over for a couple of days.")


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