Garfield,the movie -- another sign of the End Times?

My wife was right. She said the face on the billboard (and now the full page ad) for the Garfield movie looks like William H. Macy dressed for the Marquis De Sade version of Cats.

So I wonder: if the ads for the movie can't even come up with a drawing that looks like the comic strip (we're not talking about a drawing needing to resemble an actual face), then how optimistic should we be about a movie merchandising a cartoon character that was never even funny to begin with.

437 years of doing the same jokes about a cat that overeats and crushes spiders is excessive.

On the other hand, if it were William H. Macy actually doing the role (as distinct from voice-over), I'd head out to see the movie in a flash, even if I'd be disappointed that he had been willing (or felt a need) to lend himself to such a project at all.


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