Our old definitions fail us

How much longer?

There is no Left or Right.

Does being against the wasting of American lives in order to get the President a trophy mean you're LIBERAL? A LEFTY!?! (Saddam Hussein's pistol is now in HIS pocket)

Does wondering about 15,000 + Iraqi civilians killed make you a Lefty?

Does screaming "Disagree and you're traitors!" make you Conservative?

Does being against blow jobs for presidents make you Conservative?

Does passing intrusive laws governing personal behavior make you a Liberal?

Does arresting people who smoke marijuana either for their phsyical or mental health make you a "Big government liberal?"

If you point out that we killed more civilians in the first month in Iraq
than went down on 9/11 here, they say you're liberal... what does that mean?

"I don't like random and massive killings."
"Well then you're liberal and that means you're a traitor."

(So then why does the "liberal" John Kerry advocate killing them mo' bettah than Bush has done? Are there any statistics available on the political affiliations of mass murderers and serial killers? Was John Wayne Gacy a Republican or Democrat? How about Jeffrey Dahmer?)

Around 30 years ago I heard R. A. Wilson lecture that the right-left definition was long gone and recommended that people read Upwingers by Esfandiary, who explained it quite simply and clearly. So how long does it take for that idea to get through?

As far as I can see, the shift was already taking place when Jerry Brown was governor of California, and advocated non-intrusion into personal lives, (Liberal, supposedly, or is that conservative?) but balancing the budget and not spending more than we have, without cutting needed social programs. (Conservative? Or would that be Liberal?)

And the press, those intellectual giants, kept asking:
"Then what is he? Is he liberal? Is he conservative?"

The only difference I see is this:

The So-called Liberals work their wiles with "Tax and Spend."

The So-called Conservatives eschew that vile intrusion into present-day lives, and instead practice "Borrow and Spend."


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