Installing "democracy" in Iraq IS colonialism, dummy

What else can you call it? Not spinningly, but accurately.

Paul Bremer (Philips, Yale, Harvard, Kissinger, Ed Meese -- a list of bonafides of privilege and collaborative underlinging that would -- and will, someday -- gag any historian) backing out of Iraq as fast as he can like a cat doing the moonwalk away from certain savaging by the claws of the real fighters, throwing the keys to the hand-picked kids smiling, "Here y'go, boys, and I'm outta here."

(Translation, in the words of William Burroughs -- "So pack yer ermines, Mary, because the whole shithouse is going up in chunks.")

The Coup d'fou -- those unelected creatures who seem to think America is their personal toy -- decided that Iraq needs to have a democratic government, just like ours. Of course that means the Made Men of Our Thing will decide who gets to vote and for whom.

It's called colonialism -- the Coalition of the Substandard goes overseas to tell our little brown brothers how to live, regardless of their beliefs, traditions, social structure, and aspirations, and pretends to leave them in charge of their own lives. Just as they do to us, here, at home.


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