Nothing refutes the connection ... and that means what?

That's what the diehards are saying, throwing bombs at the 9-11 commission for not finding any actual functioning connection between Al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein, insisting about the report that

There is nothing in it that categorically 'refutes' a connection between Iraq and Al Qaeda.

That's it? Nearly 20,00 people from the Coalition of the Coerced have been wounded and/or killed, while more than 20,000 Iraqi civilians have been killed outright with no one even counting the wounded on that side -- and our moral high ground (even forgetting that reasonable doubt is -- or at least used to be -- the foundation of our presumed moral imperative), it comes down to this -- our justification for wreaking all this death and destruction is that no one can actually refute the connection with Al Qaeda, that connection that no one can prove.

Well, that's really cute. Let me put it this way:

There is no conclusive proof that George W Bush loves being the recipient of hot, wet, violent anal sex he gets from Cheney, Rumpsfeld, and Condy Rice on a regular rotation basis (Ms Rice using a gigantic strap-on) -- but the possibility can't be refuted either.

Ohhh, how vile, how profane, how foul-mouthed!.

Yeah, tell it to someone who just left his leg in Falujah.

Tell it to the Iraqi accountant who came home to find his wife and children turned into crispy critters -- "oops, sorry, collateral damage, just an accident, no harm no foul."

Tell it to the mothers and fathers and sisters and brothers and children of the dead. To the family and friends of the maimed whose medical benefits the prick in the oval Office eliminated so he could better pay off his pals.

What a monumental waste of protoplasm, and I do not mean the loss of combatants in Iraq.

Refute this, you signifying, rationalizing, cold-blood, soulless sonsofbitches.

"Where in the waste is the wisdom?" James Joyce


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