Note to Red-State Bush Voters -- regarding "Civil Unions"

Civil Union.

Ahhh, the good Old Republican White middle-class Chrrrristians --

Leadbelly said it just fine in Bourgeois Blues:

The Old GOP Middle-Class:

"Lots of folks in this here town, call a man a nigger just to keep him down..."

The NEW, Improved GOP Middle-Class:

"Lots of folks in this here town, call a man a faggot just to keep him down..."

It doesn't matter if it's 1964 and the Klannishistas are saying, "But it would destroy our traditions to let the nigrahs have all the privileges the white folk do..."

or 2004 and the children of those same assholes saying: "But it would destroy our traditions to let gayyyyy people have all the privileges the white folk... ahh, I mean the decent folk, do...."

It's still petty, mean-spirited, terrified, chicken-shit viciousness and I can only hope, as in the metaphysics of some Christian orientations, that they find, at the last, that they've created a God just as mean and nasty and vicious as they are. Ahhh, no I don't -- that was a petty, mean-spirited thing to wish for.

People always come up with what they think is a good reason to crap on someone else.

I really liked Bill Clinton, still do, but quite frankly, he behaved like a craven piece of shit when he backed away from equal rights for gay persons, whether in the military or by refusing to stand up against the Defense of Marriage Act. There are some things worth the sacrificing of your presidency.

I watched his show-hearing on gays in military, and I remember a young sergeant testifying that it was "the same thing as integrating the Army."

To which some cornpone hypocrite like Jesse Helms gave him a hostile mushmouthed, "Why that's not so at all -- this is a sin according to the Bible, and no one ever said integration was a sin..."

The young sergeant was too young to remember, but I wasn't -- immediately to that senator's left was Strom Thurmond, and I yelled, "Oh no? That man sitting next to you said EXACTLY that-- that mixing races was a sin, when he opposed the Civil Rights Acts in 1957 and in 1960 and in 1964." Of course, years later, we discovered he did a bit more than just social mixing."

So get over it, you Christian hypocrites. Grow up. You have no problem bombing hell out of people of color around the world, but your big bad soldier boys are terrified some guy in the shower might pop a bone looking at them. Or are you more terrified that you might really want to direct your own willy toward that fellow in the shower.

I susbcribe to Herman Melville's position of religious tolerance, Moby Dick, Chapter 17:

"...I cherish the greatest respect towards everybody's religious obligations, never mind how comical, and could not find it in my heart to undervalue even a congregation of ants worshipping a toad-stool..."

But giving basic human respect to sincere fools is not the same as wanting to embrace their fantasies. You people don't seem to have any respect for those of us who have different spiritual fantasies, always acting as if we've never thought about such things, never read many books considered holy, including yours.

When we politely decline, you keep on and on, not accepting our own rights to our own spiritual beliefs, and when we finally lose temper and tell you to just fuck off, you whine and cry that we treat you with attitude and disrespect. (A point, did Jesus whine and cry that Pontius Pilate was treating his with bad attitude and oh boo-hoo, disrespect?)

So keep it to yourselves, even as is instructed in that same Bible to practice it in your home and not in our faces, and certainly not when you use it as a club, as is ALSO tradition, to justify mean-spirited self-aggrandizing cruelty.

What you're saying when you so generously offer Civil Union is "We do not want to let faggots walk around like decent folk. We want them to have SOME stigma.

I am married to one wonderful woman, and we've been together some 30 years, and if two men or two women want to share their lives together and marry each other, it is not going to debase, diminish, or on any way degrade my own marriage.

I have absolutely no idea how anyone could possibly think it might do that to their marriage.

Maybe you're just terrified that, if it becomes acceptable, you'll be able to accept something about yourself you didn't want to know?

Basic Freudian smart-ass aside -- look in the mirror.
Recognize meanness when you see it.
You believe in a God of forgiveness, so forgive yourself for being such a shit and get over it.

Grow up.



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