Doubts Persist About Election Results: Nixon Rises from his Grave

OK, so Nixon didn't rise from his grave. No one thought he would -- when dropping you in the hole gets a clear blue sky to give you thunder, lightning, dark clouds, and all sorts of unpleasant weather, you can pretty much figure he ain't coming back. One could only have said, "Hey, Dick, don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way into Hell."

But there is one thing about him that people insist on pointing to in praise, and Republicans keep pointing to as a way of crying "Foul" over any assertion of or investigation into election fraud in Florida in 2000 and a few other states in 2004 -- they praise the fact that Nixon declined an investigation into the rigging of votes for JFK in Chicago area in 1960.

They keep wanting to insist it was the act of a gentleman. Sure. Can anyone tell us one other time when Nixon acted honestly, let alone as a gentleman?

The fact -- which has been well-publicized and admitted laughingly by Nixon campaign operatives -- is that Nixon didn't protest Kennedy's Mayor Daly-assisted voter fraud in Chicago because he and his people did exactly the same thing in Southern Illinois. They just didn't do it well enough to take the state. Any investigation would have come right back to them.

In fact, as we have learned in ensuing years, there was ONE THING Nixon said that was true -- that everyone did what he'd done in regard to manipulating elections by fixing, tricking, lying, scaring, etc.

Of course, since the Reagan-Bush-Bush election cronies are pretty much the Nixon henchmen who are still alive, perhaps we can't be sure everyone does it.

The only thing we can be sure about is that fat, cigar-chomping southern sheriffs openly preventing other-side people from voting have been replaced ... by a fat, cigar-chomping White House schemer covertly preventing other-side people from voting, the man the President calls "turd blossom."


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