Ahh, loyalty -- it makes reality look like a bad movie

GOP Senators Spring to Defend Rumsfeld

In other words, he's a total fuckup whose stubborn insistence on "Please mother -- I'd rather do it myself" has brought death and destruction and loss of authroity for OUR country. To use a more current comparison, he's the flaky, deeply troubled character on MAD-TV who won't let anyone help him, even though his incompetence is at astronomical proportions.

This man has, through his intransigence, been responsible for the deaths of more than 1000 American military people, the permanent maimings, amputations, and total disabling of about 10,000 more (and we're still just on our side), has managed to disregard anything anyone ever learned from military history, and most recently, told our troops to shut the fuck up and stop whining about being blown up, and cost us the respect and friendship of countries that have been our closest allies for more than 100 years...

Is it excessive for me to repeatedly refer to him as REDRUM Rumsfeld...

BUT congress is paraphrasing what he himself said long ago about Saddam Hussein,

"He's a sonofabitch, but he's OUR sonofabitch,"

Congress is saying:

"He's a sociopath and an incompetent asshole, but he's OUR sociopathic asshole."

(Not mine, you spineless pieces of waste material who call yourselves Congress -- YOURS. And there will be Hell to pay when the troops come home and your thoroughly invertebrate behavior is tallied up.)


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