The new (December) Crapshoot is up and has a few articles worth reading. It only has a few articles all together, so what I'm saying is this -- the new Crapshoot is worth reading.

Rick Brown points out the difference between what those rabid cross-mongers say they are (Evangelicals) and what they really are (Fundamentalist absolutist Christian Taliban). And even though he modifies a quote-ish comment from Jon Stewart by making a humorous suggestion that Stewart is going to Hell because he's Jewish (sorry, Rick, Jews don't do Hell -- Hell is only for those who believe in it, i.e., Christians), it's a sharp essay on getting outside our own self-absorbed reality system, and, quite appropriately, includes a letter from a young Indonesian woman currently in Ohio, sharing her vision of America with us.

Howard Pearlstein examines the phenomenon of America's extraordinary anger -- among many people in our country, the richer you are, the more pissed off you are -- and suggests ways out of that hot red circular insanity into a cooler reality, one which includes noticing (and even enjoying) the world as it is.

And, altho he didn't sign it -- two short and nifty peeks into Ted Kane's world.

Go, enjoy.


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