Bush faults Iraqi forces -- And I thought, "Oh how cute -- he's got someone new to blame."

What a surprise!

The people who actually live there -- the people whose country it actually is -- they are somewhat reluctant to die trying to do what YOU want them to do with it.
Washington -- President Bush acknowledged on Monday that, 20 months after the fall of Saddam Hussein, the United States has encountered only 'mixed' success in training Iraqi troops to secure the country and that it was 'unacceptable' that some Iraqi units had fled as soon as they faced hostile fire.

Does the word "Vietnamization" mean anything to you, Monkey Boy?

No of course not, once you got your "Get out of danger" card, you were free to pursue your coke sniffing days without a care.

The way I read the Patriot Act is like this:

So long as I make no threats against the President (and that doesn't include the psychotherapeutic sense, where an insecure asshole construes simple criticism as a threat), I am legally allowed to call him a hypocritical, finger-pointing, blame-shifting, jive-ass, signifying, mother-fucking, popcorn fart monkey as a legitimate exercise of free political speech.

I ask you one question, GW -- do you understand what the words "Commander-in-Chief" mean? I would assume so, since you had them embroidered on your spiffy little jacket so you could prance around with the troops and they wouldn't have to ask, "Who is that asshole?"

It means YOU'RE IT.

You sent our people over there.

You were in charge.

Theoretically (homoerotic pecking order aside), you have authority over Don Redrum, so the equipment, the number of troops deployed, all that and more -- your responsibility.

The failure to provide therapeutic services for the maimed who were doing your bidding -- that's your responsibility.

Putting together the wherewithall to get those troops what they need to do their job with a reasonable chance of survival -- that's your responsibility.

Killing thousands and thousands of Iraqis so you could have a war and act big and get re-elected even though everyone knows you're a prancing poseur and a buffoon -- that's your responsibility.

Destroying the legitimate military forces of our country for your own personal agrandizement -- that's your responsibility.

You wanted to be THE MAN.
Well that takes some balls, junior, and guess what?
THAT takes a lot more than a padded crotch on a flight suit to do the job.

Don't tell us about it -- just remember, for all you talk as if you were a Christian, as if you understood and cared about what Jesus said, as if you tried in ANY way to live in accordance with those words -- since you believe in Hell, when the sulphur-smelling guy shows up and gives you the bill for carnage and horror you caused, don't start screaming like a little baby that it wasn't your fault.

It was.

It is.

And blaming it on some mealy-mouthed suck-up preacher telling you you're saved won't make any difference

Start draining the swamp.

(Oh, I'm sure you never read Faust -- ask Condi or Laura to read it to you.)


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