Two unanswered questions about the Social Security thing:

(Wow -- last few days, whew -- really sick -- wonderful how you just say stuff when you're so sick with intestinal virus you start hallucinating, thinking your government and your president are your enemies and evil and just don't care.)

So the questions:

1. Why does the SS rate (15% more or less {?}) cap at $88,000?

Why don't people who make $150,000 a year, or $350,000 a year or $7 million a year pay the same rate as we do, the same non-deductible portion of their income? No one has ever explained that, that I've heard, why it was set that way?

(I know, I know -- cuz the rich protect the rich. Maybe. But if so, Everett Dirkson once told his re-election team they should spread the rumor that his opponent had sex with sheep. And when they said, "But you know he doesn't," Dirkson said, "I know, but let's make the sonofabitch deny it.")

2. When an employee pays 7% + of his or her salary as the share the employers match, 2-4% of the salary (that number they keep saying "Only 2% or 3% or 4%.") is the most bare-faced of misrepresentations since the absolute guarantee of WMD's.

That 4% not being paid into Social Security is actually 53% of that employee's contribution going to the stock market. How does that help the financial balance of the Social Security system?

No one asks, no one answers -- see the cat? see the cradle? Tell me which card is the red queen and win some money, which shell is the pea under, and finally: "No, how could you say that? That's not my dick up your ass -- I'm a doctor and I'm taking your temperature. For your own good."

3. Oh, one other thing -- has ANY plan this pissant put forth (from Mephisto Oil to WMD's and invading Iraq) -- has ANYTHING Monkey Boy has proposed EVER worked out as promised?


Oh, and to that last point -- has any plan this man has put forth, all of which have failed -- done anything but, while failing, take money from the US Government and the taxpayers and give it to his or Dick Cheney's or his father's pals? Any plan at all? The man's either a stone cold liar -- or else a total idiot with a puppeteer's hand up the back of his jacket.

How much would keeping the tax equal all the way up the income ladder add to the Social Security fund?

And how will pulling 53% of an employee's contribution -- or 26.5% of the total, adding in the employer's share and/or the amount paid by self-employed people -- how will that make the fund more solvent?

Find the red queen and get rich.

(All these figures are approximate -- I don't care if it's 15% or 15.6% or what. I don't care if it's $88,000 or $92,00 -- regardless of the numbers, these questions need to be answered.)


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