Those whose asses John Bolton kissed like him a lot -- a real good smoocher, they say

Mark Kleiman posts this:

John Bolton, we have heard, is "a 'kiss-up, kick-down' sort of guy.

In today's New York Times, two of the people who were in position to be kissed up to by him -- James Baker and Ed Meese -- say that, as far as they know, he's a splendid fellow, who "knew his place" and "took direction."

Why am I not reassured?


James Baker and Ed Meese -- now THERE are two sterling examples of bullies who made their way via the kiss up and kick down highway...

---we can all take heart from the old tried-and-true adage:

"Be careful the asses you kick on the way up --
they're the same ones you'll have to kiss on the way down."

We can only hope we get to see it -- not only for Bolton, but for the rest of the thugs who think "I kick your asses" ISN'T Nazi Philosophy, only without the expensive holocaust.


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