The Last Action Hero

My favorite of all Ahhnold's movies was The Last Action Hero in which Ahhnold's character finds out he's not a superhero after all, but just some big lug who fell in love with his own pecs but was STILL worshipped by one of the most annoying child actors in film history.

My favorite part of this bullying thug's gubernatorial administration is now, when he's finding out he's not a superhero after all, but just some big lug who fell in love with his own pecs and ran for governor but was STILL worshipped by the most annoying of the Kennedys. (Poor Ahhnold -- he is finding out the hard way that EVERY state senator and representative is as much of a self-adoring aggressive asshole as he is -- just not so well iron-pumped.)

There was one other favorite time relating to this Unter-mensch -- that was when terrorists (so-called) bombed Planet Hollywood, and that was a fantasy in infinite regression of reflections.

First of all, no one got hurt, which is why it could be considered funny.

But given that it was owned by Ahhnold, Bruce Willis, and Sly Stallone -- three men who made their living making amazingly bad lowbrow movies about men who claimed justification for being psychotically violent and spiritually dead, in those movies pretending to be the ones you call in to take our the bad guys -- it seemed to me a lovely intersection of fantasy and reality -- image and substance... and at the time, it amused me to think they might have to hire Steven Seagal and CLint Eastwood to wreak havoc on those who might dare to sully their cash-machine.

---As to "terrorists" firebombing the place -- it was so obnoxious, such a visual and auditory eye- and ear-sore, it could have been the neighborhood nun Sisters of Mercy or members of the Kiwanis or Odd Fellows or Rotary Club or even rogue elements of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.


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