All the oblique scheming...

Tax cuts and a totally unnecessary war intended to bankrupt the economy, thereby justifying cutting any and all social welfare programs, i.e., Social Security, Medicare, etc. (and as bright an evil monster Karl Roverer may be, this policy was actually established under the patronage of Saint Ronnie, the smiling creepozoid).

And John Bolton?

Well, what particular kind of policies would be successfully destroyed by his encystment into the UN? (An aside -- I actually caught Condo-Sleazy Rice last night-- ahh, that play on name is too easy sleazy -- more properly fitting would be "Condo-smarmy" or "Condo-smugly" -- on the news ALMOST making a complete slip of the tongue as she began to refer to that international organization as "the United ... uh, the UN." As if the name, "United Nations" might somehow be too positive for this band of I-Me-Mine thugs to allow)

Well, anything global ... like ocean and air treaties, endangered species protection (whaling, dophining, oceanic strip-mining), hydrocarbon moderation, etc -- anything environmentally protective -- all these cross those imaginary lines we call borders -- all require multi-lateral co-operation, with some countries taking economic hits and needing some way to compensate for their loss other than growing opium and cocaine. (Most people would be surprised to learn how many of the "nice people" are financing their own hopes of dynasty with international drug cartel money. Hell, a lot of people would be surprised to find out how many nice clean godly white New England families ran the slave trade in this country -- Slaves, Rum and Molasses is what built those beautiful homes along New England's coast -- even nice white families from places like Kennebunkport, Maine.)

So, ultimately, it looks as if Junior may fulfill the hopes of both his grandfathers and establish a Fourth Reich -- a country that stands alone, dominating by brutality and weaponry .. and ... uhh, well, maybe not -- these bozos still don't realize they're punching the tar baby in Iraq, and all the other countries in the world -- all the ones whose pleas of "Stop fucking with us" culminated in the monstrous destruction of the World Trade Center Towers ("Babylon, you mighty city, broken in the dust again...") are muttering happy thoughts about "the bigger they are the harder they fall."

Just to be clear -- I don't approve of the slaughter of 3000+ civilians at work in the World Trade Center any more than I approve of the slaughter of 100,000+ civilians in Iraq -- they're both the product of soulless dehumanized monsters having a pissing contest.

So -- back to the original point -- the up vote of John Bolton will signify the next stage in the Fundamentalist insanity trying to bring on the end of the world -- "use it all up," and James Watts said.

I would love to be wrong about this -- but I'm not.


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