IRAN? Rabid and right wing. Why would that be a problem?

A nuclear power being run by a group of rigid right-wing religious fanatics who maintain their position by threatening the public and the press? A government that tells the world -- as the new kid on top seems intent to do -- that they don't give a damn what we or anyone else thinks -- they're going ahead with their plans for plutonium manufacture, no matter how much it might further de-stabilize the world. A government that is faced with opposition that has some pretty convincing evidence of fraud in the election.

Sound familiar? I would think our coup d'fou would consider that a victory -- having a country like Iran model their political processes on ours.

If the American public is willing to elect a government like that -- TWICE -- why are we dithering about Iran?

Our particular band of Ayatollahs seem to also enjoy destabilizing the balance of civilized discourse between and among the world's nations by going out of their way to tell other leaders and peoples how little respect we have for them, how much contempt, how they had better goddamn well set up the kind of Freedom we tell them to or suffer the consequences.

Not even Stalin was so rabid as to send a sociopath like Michael Bolton to the UN to sneer at the rest of the world and pretend that he and his country had a right to own all of it and decide what was right for all of them.

So what's the problem?

We have a ruling administration that seems to considers Premature Ejaculation a philosophic principle on which to base political action:

"Damn -- I'm tired of all this foreplay --- I don't care about what YOU need -- I'm getting off RIGHT NOW and too bad if you don't."

Everything but the turbans.


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